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CarMax at 5500 Alameda Boulevard Northeast in Albuquerque, New Mexico

CarMax in 5500 Alameda Boulevard Northeast, New Mexico: consumer reviews, opening hours, driving directions, photos etc.

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5500 Alameda Boulevard Northeast,
Albuquerque, New Mexico
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Phone: +1 505-858-2438

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Reviews about CarMax

  • We were looking for a car to replace a recently totaled vehicle. We had purchased our previous two vehicles brand new from a dealership, but decided a slightly used, still like new vehicle made more sense this time. Our experience was mostly positive. It was a much faster & enjoyable experience cutting out the haggling. We love that we know the cars history and we were able to purchase extra coverage for the vehicle. That being said, we paid to have this car transferred from another location. They had to inspect it upon arrival and "get it ready" before they notified us the car arrived. When they called we arranged a time to go in and see it. We looked at it, chose not to test drive it, went in and did the paperwork. Once we finished the paperwork we had to sit and wait while they finished "getting the car ready." When my husband went out to get the car he said it had a big bow on it and was asked if he wanted a picture. He took it to the front and I drove it home. I was shocked at how filthy the vehicle was. The back window had spots of something that had to be scrubbed off. The interior dash and doors had something on them. The windows had a filmy coating on them that made it hard to see out. We have bought used vehicles before and they usually have been detailed and are as clean as a new vehicle. I was surprised that this car was so dirty. We honestly would have preferred a detailed and clean vehicle so much more than a giant bow. They had enough time "getting the vehicle ready" and knowledge of our visit that I don't see any reason for the car being dirty. That was my biggest disappointment with this experience. We had also stopped in about another vehicle a couple of days before we decided to have the other one transferred to this location and the salesman was condescending and rude. We left without ever looking at a car. Thankfully we ultimately dealt with a different salesman. If the car had been clean the rating would have been 5 stars. If we hadn't had the initial bad experience the rating would have been 5 stars. If it hadn't been for the positives I initially noted and the niceness of our salesperson, the rating would have been 3 stars. Overall, we love the vehicle and are satisfied with the financing we got through CarMax.
    by Vikki Orona
    July 27, 2017
  • CarMax made a bad car situation right. I had purchased a vehicle and thoroughly enjoyed it for four months. A check engine light came on, and I took it to the dealership (GM) for service. I found out that my car had been flagged for warranty work, with no eligibility on powertrain, brakes, suspension, or steering systems. Some further research traced the vehicle having spent its past life as a racing school instruction vehicle, horsewhipped for the first 9000 miles of its life. This info wasn't disclosed to CarMax or myself. Very strange situation. I discussed this in a meeting with one of their managers, John, and they were absolutely agreeable. CarMax ultimately bought back the car, returned all my transfer fees, and made it like it never happened. I feel like if I had done this at a standard dealer or used car lot, I would have been left with an abused lemon. Thank you CarMax for your business integrity - I absolutely would recommend to anyone.
    by Ryan Woodard
    June 12, 2017
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CarMax is located at 5500 Alameda Boulevard Northeast, Albuquerque, New Mexico.